Telhan, Orkan
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Designature: The Nature of Signatures in Art and Design

Orkan Telhan

How shall our signatures define us, even as they define themselves?

Designature interrogates the nature of agency‹the essential
³signature² found in everything, from the simplest forms of life to
humans, machines, and everyday objects.

The book features new kinds of signatures‹living organisms,
algorithms, tools, and visualizations‹that are designed in light of
new theories and technologies from artificial intelligence, synthetic
biology, new materialism, and object-oriented ontology.

These designs ultimately serve as critical reflections on society, and
offer alternative forms of critique to urgent issues such as
xenophobia, religious fundamentalism, and the ethics of manipulating

184 pages, 149 pictures, 28 x 20 cm, soft cover, swiss binding
ISBN 978-3-95763-362-0 {Lieferbar}